Configure Hadoop cluster over the AWS using the ansible playbook

Pre-request of this Task:-

Must have AWS account

Basic knowledge of AWS

putty for login inside the instances

What is Ansible-playbook?

What is physical volume ?

A physical volume is a collection of disk partitions used to store all server data. Physical volumes have a maximum size of 16 TB. Because a physical volume can contain any portion of one or more disks, you must specify several characteristics of a physical volume when creating it.

What is Volume Group?

A volume group ( VG ) is the central unit of the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) architecture. …

🔰 An ansible-playbook that does the
following operations in the managed nodes:
🔹 Configure Docker
🔹 Start and enable Docker services
🔹 Pull the httpd server image from the Docker Hub
🔹 Run the docker container and expose it to the public
🔹 Copy the html code in /var/www/html directory
and start the web server

👉 Pre requisites For this setup is:-

  1. Two system which have Rhel8 installed or “for perform this setup I use virtualization tool”
  2. Local dnf Configured in both system
  3. install python3 in One system which you want to make as “Controller Node”, for this you use…

so that System A can ping to two Systems
System B and System C but both these systems should not be pinging each other without using any security rule
e.g firewall etc.

For archive this high level setup we need to configure all of three systems.

So lets Start with system A:-

First we check the IP address and routing rules of system A which is provided by the system By default.

ifconfig ens160

route -n

2. Bose: Supporting Rapid Development for Millions of IoT Products With Kubernetes

🔰 Research how Kubernetes is used in Industries and what all use cases are solved by Kubernetes


A multinational company that’s the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, Huawei has more than 180,000 employees. In order to support its fast business development around the globe, Huawei has eight data centers for its internal I.T. department, which have been running 800+ applications in 100K+ VMs to serve these 180,000 users. With the rapid increase of new applications, the cost and efficiency of management and deployment of VM-based apps all became critical challenges for business agility. “It’s very much a distributed…

Where you can ping google but not able to ping Facebook and Twitter from same system without any firewall

Just by using simple and right concepts of networking

First I show you now my system can connect to all the system who have public IP

“here I take the example of,,

In this menu my team have created different modules which perform different function. When we start the program it shows my team details and ask the user where he want to perform the task either on local system or Remote system.

Different modules in the menu are:

Hosting web page on the top of docker

Step 1: — Create a repo file to install docker community edition

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/docker.repo

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